CPD for Physiotherapists - Everything You Need to Know

Breeze Academy September 21, 2021
CPD for Physiotherapists

CPD is vital for Physiotherapists to stay on top of skills, knowledge, and any developments within the industry. In this article we go over what Physiotherapists need to know about CPD, including why it is important, CPD requirements for Physiotherapists, and CPD options for Physiotherapists.

So, why is CPD important for Physiotherapists? CPD is vital for Physiotherapists as it allows them to maintain existing knowledge and skills, as well as being an opportunity to gain new skills, network with their peers, and keep on top of industry developments, ensuring that they have everything they need to deliver a good standard of care. 

Read on to learn more about the CPD process for Physiotherapists. 

Why is CPD for Physiotherapists Important?

CPD is important for Physiotherapists as it ensures that they stay on top of their existing knowledge, skills, and competencies. It also ensures that Physiotherapists stay relevant and up to date with the latest news, research and updates within the profession, and provides them with the opportunity to learn new skills that would benefit their practice.

In turn, these factors ensure that Physiotherapists are providing the highest quality of care for their clients and retain their capacity to practise safely and legally. What’s more, depending on the CPD activities undertaken, may give Physiotherapists a competitive advantage over their peers. Eventually, they may also be able to expand the scope of their practice. 

Perhaps the key reason why CPD is important for Physiotherapists is that completing a CPD portfolio is essential for renewing their membership with the Health and Care Professions Council (of which Physiotherapists must be a member to be able to practice). 

What are the Benefits of CPD for Physiotherapists?

CPD holds a number of benefits for both Physiotherapists and their clients. These include:

Benefits for Physiotherapists

  • Set time away from work to expand knowledge and skills
  • An opportunity to learn new skills which may expand the scope of a Physiotherapist’s practice
  • Improved awareness of the industry as a whole
  • Opportunity to network with and learn from peers
  • Improved credibility as a practitioner

Benefits for Clients

  • Reassurance and increased confidence in the ability of their practitioner
  • Reassurance that their practitioner is up to date with the latest developments in Physiotherapy
  • Improve quality of care

What are the CPD Requirements for Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are required to undertake 30 hours of CPD each year, of which they must keep a record of for the Health and Care Professions Council.

Each time Physiotherapists renew their registration with the HCPC, they will be asked to sign a declaration confirming that they continue to meet their standards, including the completion of CPD. The HCPC randomly selects registrants to submit their CPD portfolio to ensure compliance.

This commitment to CPD benefits Physiotherapists’ ongoing knowledge and skills base, and benefits their patients with enhanced levels of care, and strengthened confidence in the abilities of their physiotherapist.

What CPD Can a Physiotherapist Do?

A Physiotherapist must complete 30 hours of formal CPD per year. However, members of the CSP can also elect to complete informal CPD monthly, with protected learning time.

Formal CPD for Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists can take a number of formal Physiotherapy CPD courses in person, or online, which will count towards their CPD requirements. This can include CPD courses to help a Physiotherapist specialise in a certain area, CPD courses to help Physiotherapists learn a new skill or intervention that would benefit patients, and courses that solidify existing knowledge.

Breeze Academy offers a range of Physiotherapy CPD courses that count towards formal CPD requirements, including acupuncture, clinical yoga teacher training, and sports massage therapy. Learn more about our physiotherapy CPD courses online.

Informal CPD for Physiotherapists

The CSP states that their members also have protected personal learning time of at least half a day per month for informal CPD activities. This is in addition to leave arrangements for mandatory CPD, and includes activities such as:

  • Reflective practice
  • Portfolio building
  • Use of library facilities
  • Evidence-based practice resources review
  • Journal reading
  • Participation in discussion groups

What Other Healthcare Professions can Benefit from CPD?

CPD is an essential part of any professional within the healthcare industry, to support their professional development and help them stay up to date with industry standards. As well as Physiotherapists, the following specialities are required to complete some level of CPD:


To continue practising as a Chiropractor, you are required to complete 30 hours of CPD per year by the General Chiropractic Council. 15 out of this 30 hours must be participatory learning alongside other industry professionals. We have a full blog that includes everything you need to know about CPD for Chiropractors, including how our courses can help you meet the required hours. 

Occupational Therapists

For Occupational Therapists, the required CPD hours is 30 per year, to maintain and improve competence in Occupational Therapy. To comply with best practice, you must keep an up-to-date portfolio, detailing any CPD activities completed. Check out our blog on CPD for Occupational Therapists to find out more about how to meet the requirements. 


In line with the requirements set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, nurses must complete at least 35 hours of CPD every 3 years. This must include 20 hours of participatory learning, learning whilst interacting with one or more healthcare professionals. We have a full blog available to tell you everything you need to know about CPD for Nurses. 


As a Doctor, you are obligated to attend 50 hours worth of CPD every year. Included in this 50 hours must be a minimum of 25 hours of external credits, learning outside of the workplace. To find out more about the requirements of CPD for Doctors and what activities count towards this, check out our in-depth blog

Physiotherapy CPD courses at Breeze Academy

Breeze Academy is one of the UK’s leading CPD providers, offering healthcare professionals quality CPD courses in a range of disciplines, including acupuncture and dry needling, clinical yoga teacher training, sports massage therapy, and strength and conditioning training, among others. 

Check out our CPD courses online, or get in touch with us today to learn more about our Physiotherapy CPD offerings.

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