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Yoga for Physiotherapy

Dr. Carl Clarkson • June 24, 2021

Yoga is an excellent practice that can help with a number of conditions that you see in your clinic as a Physiotherapist. In this article, we discuss the benefits of incorporating Yoga into your Physiotherapy practice, as well as detailing any training and qualifications required.

Why could Yoga be recommended as part of a Physiotherapy plan?

Yoga can help patients with a myriad of issues that we may see in the clinic, from musculoskeletal issues to stress and anxiety. Yoga as an addition to other modes of treatment can help us treat our patients holistically, to encourage not only a better mind and body connection, but an overall feeling of wellbeing.

How Can Yoga be Integrated into Physiotherapy?

Yoga can be integrated into Physiotherapy to help patients cope with a variety of illnesses and injuries through the use of certain Yoga postures, breathing exercises, and/or relaxation and meditation techniques. With so many adaptations, Yoga can be incredibly effective and inclusive when taught correctly.

The Benefits of integrating Yoga and Physiotherapy

The benefits of adding Yoga into your practice have the potential to last way beyond the treatment room. It is no small claim to say that, taught correctly, Yoga and its related practices (breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation) can improve a person’s wellbeing and help them better cope with life’s challenges.

Because Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice, it allows an individual to become much more aware of the nuances of their body and how that connects to their mental health, making it a perfect coping strategy.

The benefits of being taught Yoga by a Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist, your knowledge of human anatomy makes you the ideal Yoga teacher. Because you understand how the body works, you can pick apart a Yoga posture and decide who for and in what conditions it is most beneficial.

Not only can you use Yoga as part of your one-to-one Physiotherapy practice, but you can cross-sell patients into classes that suit their needs. Your experience as a Physiotherapist allows you to create tailored Yoga classes for particular conditions, providing an additional revenue stream for your practice.

As a physiotherapist, you will have extra kudos as a Yoga teacher; those that you teach will have the added reassurance of you being a healthcare professional. Who better to teach Yoga than you?

Contraindications of Yoga as part of Physiotherapy rehab

Yoga can be very inclusive if taught correctly. Although it is not a perfect practice, by using our anatomical knowledge we can choose the right poses/postures and adapt them to create a bespoke treatment for our patients. Because of this, there are very few people that should avoid Yoga completely. Any skilled Yoga teacher should be able to offer an adapted treatment to suit the needs of individual clients.

However, caution should be exercised around those with heart problems, hypertension, and wrist problems. That’s not to say that these patients should be excluded, just that we may have to plan ahead and modify poses or offer alternatives in a class environment.

Qualifications required for Physiotherapists to teach Yoga

Contrary to what many think, Yoga is not a regulated practice, nor is it a protected title. Yoga teacher training courses do not have to be affiliated or endorsed by any ‘alliance’ or a ‘body’, and teachers do not need to be healthcare professionals, or trained in healthcare to any capacity.

However, Yoga teacher training courses should include relevant content that educates you on how to deliver a Yoga class safely and effectively.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Breeze Academy

Breeze Academy offers a Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training course for Physiotherapists. Our course differs to many out there in that it was created by Physiotherapists, for Physiotherapists.

Although the course is fully online, you will get one-to-one support throughout your journey from Kelly, our course creator. By capitalising on your current expertise and healthcare knowledge, the course aims to give you the knowledge and skills you need to be able to add Yoga, relaxation, and meditation into your practice.

You will not be taught every single Yoga posture out there, however you will gain a solid theoretical knowledge of Yoga. We will be deconstructing several core Yoga poses to give you the confidence to develop your own Yoga practice and teaching repertoire.

Breeze Academy has over ten years experience providing first class CPD courses to healthcare professionals, so you can be sure that our courses are backed by an academy with an excellent heritage. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help, get in touch with us today for more information.

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