Acupuncture & Dry Needling Foundation Course

Skill level: BeginnerCPD hours: 3 days
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  • Begin your learning immediately, through our online platform
  • Fully accredited by the FHT
  • Globally trusted acupuncture and dry needling tutor
  • On course completion, integrate acupuncture into your standard day to day practice
  • Consistently rated 5 star by healthcare professionals
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Yes - our foundation acupuncture course is fully accredited by the FHT

This acupuncture foundation course has a global reputation and has cemented Breeze Academy as one of the leading providers of acupuncture and dry needling training worldwide. Delivered by Dr. Carl Clarkson, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an active researcher in the field, the course consists of a unique blend of online and face-to-face teaching.

Once successfully completed, we ensure that our acupuncture foundation course delegates can use acupuncture and dry needling as part of their everyday practice safely, confidently and effectively.

We have been a globally trusted, 5-star rated, dry needling and acupuncture education provider for over 10 years. We invite you to join us on our upcoming courses.

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Dr Carl Clarkson

The objectives of our acupuncture foundation course are:

  • To implement safe & effective acupuncture and dry needling techniques, throughout the body
  • To create targeted acupuncture and needling protocols for the benefit of pain & wellbeing
  • To appraise & synthesise the evidence base alongside clinical experience
  • To adopt a pragmatic approach to clinical reasoning for needling interventions that complement your existing skills

In our acupuncture foundation course, you will receive a fully evidence-based approach to the implementation of acupuncture. This comes with comprehensive study materials provided within the online and face-to-face components of the course. The evidence-based information you will learn from this foundation course will allow you to make fully informed decisions on how and when to introduce acupuncture into a client’s care package.

You’ll discover a large body of prominent, pertinent and up-to-date evidence supporting the use of acupuncture, whilst developing your needling skills to provide dramatic results for your clients, offering them a comprehensive package of pain relief and wellbeing.

More specifically, after completing our acupuncture foundation course you will be able to demonstrate the following needling skills and theoretical knowledge:

  • Effective needling techniques upon the four limbs, trunk and spine, head and face
  • Suitable identification of prominent and commonly used acupoints
  • An understanding of contraindications, precautions and potential side effects of acupuncture and dry needling
  • Safe application of needling at all times
  • Effective management of needling side effects

After you graduate from our acupuncture foundation course, you will be able to use acupuncture & dry needling as part of your everyday practice safely, confidently and effectively.

With theoretical knowledge and application reviewed from both a Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, this acupuncture foundation course takes you through a large number of applications and techniques, allowing you to confidently apply acupuncture for the treatment of:

  • Acute or persistent pain, anywhere in the body
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Overactive bladder
  • Hot flushes/flashes
  • General wellbeing

Our acupuncture foundation course is designed for any regulated healthcare professional looking to offer more to their clients, whilst also wanting to advance their own career and professional development. From Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Therapists, to Physicians, Nurses, Dentists and Occupational Therapists, we have had the pleasure of teaching a large range of professions across the last 10 years, both in the UK and worldwide.

Global Reputation & Experience

Curated and delivered by Dr. Carl Clarkson, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, who has taught acupuncture globally for over 10 years, this foundation course has a global reputation and has cemented Breeze Academy as one of the leading providers of acupuncture and dry needling training worldwide.

We are consistently rated 5 star - check out our reviews!

On course completion, you will be able to use Acupuncture as part of your day to day practice - additional accredition with another body is not required.

Unique Blend Of Online & Face To Face

Carefully curated online content, both before and after the face-to-face component, allows you to access high quality education whenever and wherever you want, helping to reduce accommodation costs for those of you needing to travel to the face-to-face component, whilst also providing you the option to revisit learning in a much more meaningful and engaging format.

Fully Evidence-Based Approach

Expert research knowledge is combined with practical, clinically relevant teaching to ensure you receive a fully evidence-based approach to the implementation of acupuncture. This course has clinical reasoning at the heart of delivery, making sure that you’re able to make fully informed decisions on how and when to introduce acupuncture into a client’s care package.

You will need to be a regulated healthcare professional, or in the final year of training to become a regulated healthcare professional.

If you have to cancel your course booking because of a Covid related issue, we will assign you to the next available course that suits you. Or if preferable, we will issue you a full refund.

We can give you 5 days access to a free taster course, which has small amount of lessons from the full course to give you a flavour of how we do things.

Check out the free taster course here


Day 1

Online learning prior to face-to-faceOnline

  1. Prior to the face-to-face session, you will complete safety lessons on our online platform. You will learn:

    • Contraindications and precautions
    • Adverse events
    • How to deal with adverse events
  2. Needle insertion fundamentals take you through video demonstrations of how we choose needle size, and how we can clinically reason our acupoint choices, no matter which part of the body is needled

  3. An introduction to meridians - the essential map needed to guide you on locating acupoints

  4. Pain physiology and the impact acupuncture has on descending inhibition

Face-to-face day 1

Here, you will begin your needle insertion techniques, with the primary focus upon the upper limb.

By the end of day one, you will have been introduced to prominent acupoints commonly used for ailments affecting the shoulder, elbow and the wrist and hand. Furthermore, we will look to integrate your online learning, specifically around needling safety and clinical reasoning.

Day 2

Face-to-face day 2

On day two, you will progress your basic needling skills to apply to the lower limb and spine. We will build upon the clinical reasoning lessons from day one through case studies, and explore the physiological impacts of needling in acute and persistent pain.

By the end of day two, you will have gained confidence in your needling skills, and have a deeper understanding of what informs our decisions to needle a client (and subsequently, how to choose which acupoints are best suited).

Day 3

Face-to-face day 3

We will begin the final face-to-face session by consolidating your upper limb, lower limb and spinal needling techniques. You will have a short safety test to complete, where you will be required to describe needling safety (contraindications, precautions) before demonstrating safe needle insertion into the thoracic spine.

The lessons on day three focus upon the head, neck, ear before progressing to dry needling techniques. Furthermore, we will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of needling for systemic ailments such as hot flushes, overactive bladder, and stress. We will conclude the face to face aspect to the course with case studies and Q&A.

Online learning post face-to-face sessionsOnline

To contextualise acupuncture and dry needling within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you will access a number of lessons that discuss TCM philosophy through our online platform.

Your assessment, where several multi-choice tests focused upon case studies, will also be accessed through our online platform.

Day 4

Post course supportOnline

Following completion of your final online training element, you will continue to receive support from Dr. Clarkson via email or tele-conferencing to help guide you when beginning to introduce acupuncture into your usual practice.

Course bookings

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8th-10th Oct 2021 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 The Station Hotel, 78 Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 6GN

27th-29th Oct 2021 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£515.00 Holiday Inn Express Leeds Armouries Dr, Leeds LS10 1LE

10th-12th Nov 2021 (9:00am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Leonardo Royal Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket

6th-8th Dec 2021 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Holiday Inn, Cardiff City Centre

10th-12th Dec 2021 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Birmingham Conference and Event Centre

12th-14th Jan 2022 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Holiday Inn Glasgow Theatreland

28th-30th Jan 2022 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Jurys Inn, Belfast

14th-16th Feb 2022 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Jurys Inn, Manchester

9th-11th Mar 2022 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Holiday Inn Express Limehouse, London

18th-20th Mar 2022 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 The Birmingham Conference & Events Centre

29th Apr - 1st May 2022 (8:45am - 5:00pm)

£550.00 Jurys Inn, Sheffield

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