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Skill level: BeginnerCPD hours: 100 hours

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Harnessing the very best in online education, the Power Performance programme turbocharges your productivity, brings crystal-clarity to your ideas, and transforms your expertise into an exceptional educational experience. Members of the Power Performance package are taken through three phases, which they can access in whenever and wherever they like.

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**Phase 1: Become a TimeMaster**Online

Exploiting the simple tricks that the super successful adopt daily, Chapter One looks to expel TimeThieves, and paves the way for you to carve out hours of time per week without sacrificing your family time. We are talking days’ worth of extra time, every week.

In Chapter 2, you discover how your unique body clock dictates your cognitive energy - the 4 E’s are the activities which we must embrace in order to optimise our productivity and attain your whealth goals.

Chapter 3 fuses your extra time and 4 E’s with the LOTS principle - the elite-functioning daily routine that will propel your thinking to its maximum potential.

**Phase 2: Curriculum Development**Online

Education may be a $200 billion dollar industry, but it’s a crowded market. And despite the influx of tutorial videos from social media talent, most education is delivered poorly. In Phase 2, we take you through, step by step, the core components of successful education courses. Right now, you don’t know how or where to get started….The power of goal setting and learning outcomes, Brewing and Distilling, Masterpiece creation are topics which are tried and tested principles that have not only taken my education material to consistent 5 star reviews, but are well ingrained in the scientific literature.

**Phase 3: The Magic **Online

We take you on a voyage of what separates the good course from the great course, the good educator to the exceptional tutor. These seemingly magic techniques will leverage your expertise and new found know how of course creation, to ensure that you are consistently offering exceptional educational experiences.

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