Skill level: BeginnerCPD hours: 200 hours
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  • No prior experience of Yoga needed
  • Fully accredited by the FHT
  • On course completion, teach Yoga to your clients as part of your usual practice
  • Fully online, meaning you can pause, rewind & replay at any time
  • One to one support, throughout the course
  • Delivered by Kelly Norman, a Chartered Physiotherapist, Yoga & Meditation tutor

We’ve teamed up with Kelly Norman, a Chartered Physiotherapist, Yoga, and Meditation tutor, to bring you a well-structured course for healthcare professionals who are looking to branch out their career opportunities and offer their clients a wider range of support. This course is fully online, meaning that you won’t miss or forget any crucial information.

If you’re a physiotherapist, osteopath, or a similar healthcare professional, this course will help you understand why yoga is an effective way to rehabilitate the body. Yoga can help patients with a myriad of issues that you may see in your clinic, from musculoskeletal issues to stress and anxiety.

Yoga as an addition to other modes of treatment can help treat patients holistically, to encourage not only a better mind and body connection but an overall feeling of wellbeing

We believe that we’ve got the best online clinical yoga course available, because we have over a decade of experience in course tutoring to over 1,000 healthcare professionals, along with countless worldwide testimonials.

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Yes - our Yoga teacher training course is fully accredited by the FHT.

Yoga training for Physiotherapists and other such clinicians. Learn how to safely and confidently teach Yoga for the well-being of your clients.

  • To understand what Yoga is and the benefits of Yoga
  • To be able to proficiently practice and teach Yoga as a Physiotherapist, exercise, or healthcare professional
  • To understand the components that make up a quality Yoga class
  • To be able to structure and teach a Yoga class
  • To know how and when to modify a Yoga posture

Throughout our Yoga training course for Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals, you will be taught via video, written, and audio lessons. You will develop an understanding of how you can create a unique class that has the power to enhance the well-being of the students that you go on to teach.

More specifically, our Yoga course for clinicians will enable you to:

  • Understand the importance of Yoga and relaxation
  • Understand the importance of teaching breathwork alongside Yoga
  • Be creative in the way in which you structure a Yoga class
  • Fully understand, value, and employ all the components of what makes the class you teach stand apart from others
  • Adapt each posture to suit a range of individual anatomies
  • Understand and implement posture transitions to create a class that has flow
  • Develop skills that enable you to teach a Yoga class with confidence, one that students will want to return to

Our Clinical Yoga course will cover a range of topics to help you learn how to safely and effectively deliver Yoga classes with confidence.

  • How Yoga enhances health & wellbeing
  • The core Yoga poses, and how to teach them
  • Importance of breathing when coupled with Yoga
  • The physiological impact of Yoga and breathing
  • What each Yoga pose can help with, and how to adapt them to suit individual circumstances
  • How to teach the preparation of mind and body
  • Guided meditation/relaxation

Our Yoga teacher training course is suitable for Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Level 4 Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Sports Therapists. As an existing healthcare provider, becoming a Yoga teacher will allow you to prescribe clinical Yoga as part of a client’s Physiotherapy and rehabilitation plan with confidence.

Physiotherapy and similar healthcare careers go hand in hand with Yoga due to the musculoskeletal benefits they share. This is why our Physiotherapy Yoga courses are becoming increasingly popular. Eventually, healthcare professionals who don’t have clinical Yoga training may be at a large disadvantage compared to their competitors.

Breeze Academy has a global reputation for delivering exceptional quality education. With over a decade of experience in CPD course tutoring, we have tailored our online courses to be a perfect addition for healthcare professionals. And if you need help, you’ll have access to our one-to-one support service. Just contact us with your issues and we’ll do our best to resolve them.

Our Yoga Teacher Training course is tutored by Kelly Norman, who has a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She has her own practice, Wellness Therapeutics, in Northumberland. Kelly works clinically as a Physiotherapist and has been practicing Yoga and meditation for over 20 years. At her studio, she teaches a wide variety of classes such as baby and mother Yoga, sport/injury specific Yoga, and Yoga for minority groups such as those with autism.On course completion, you will be able to use Yoga as part of your day to day Physiotherapy practice.

Our course is fully accredited by the FHT.

Our Yoga for Physiotherapy course is a fully online course. You can set the pace and access high quality education whenever and wherever you want, eradicating the need and extra cost of attending an intensive face-to-face course. In addition, you will have one-to-one sessions with Kelly that can be arranged at a time that suits you, no matter your timezone.

Our Clinical Yoga for Physiotherapists course is suitable for existing healthcare and exercise professionals such as Physiotherapists, Nurses, Osteopaths, and Personal Trainers. As this is an online course, our clinical Yoga course is available in the UK and worldwide.

Meet your tutor

Kelly Norman

Kelly Norman

  • MSc, Physiotherapy, Northumbria University
  • BSc, Sports Therapy, Leeds Metropolitan University
I’m Kelly and I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist. Before that, I was a Sports Therapist. Amongst it all, I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Chang Mai in Thailand and I’ve been practising Mediation since childhood and Yoga since my teenage years...
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Phase 1: Establishing the foundationsOnline

In Phase 1, we will establish the fundamental foundations to Yoga - what is it's history, what are the different forms it can take, and how does it help with health and wellbeing?

Phase 2: Yoga preparation skillsOnline

Before launching into poses, the Yoga teacher must understand the importance of warm up postures and the Ujjayi breath. In Phase 2, we will take you through why these are important, the biological impact, and how best to master these important skills.

Phase 3: The core Yoga posesOnline

Here, you will learn the core poses that will be the cornerstone to every Yoga class you teach. Video demonstrations with explanations are provided, coupled with one to one support from Kelly.

Phase 4: How to teach Yoga part 1Online

Now you have mastered the core poses, we show you how to teach someone else - what areas to look for, how to provide corrections, the best ways to assist with someone who is struggling.

Phase 5: How to teach Yoga part 2Online

Here, we will focus on progression. Where you have students who are managing poses with ease, we can push them further to continue their development

Phase 6: Fundamental components of a Yoga classOnline

  • Beginning a class
  • How to structure a class
  • Effort versus comfort
  • Set "an intention"
  • Troubles in a bag
  • Belly breathing
  • Body scan relaxation/meditation

Phase 7: Preparing to teach a classOnline

  • PAR-Q- Preparing yourself to teach
  • Beginning a class and setting the scene
  • Legal stuff
  • Getting your timings right
  • Transitions
  • Corrections
  • Multiple choice test
  • Video submission

Phase 8: And now, you are ready to beginOnline

  • Multiple choice test
  • One to one support session with Kelly
  • Final video submission