Acupuncture courses in Hamilton

Breeze Academy has a wide range of acupuncture courses in Hamilton suitable for medical professionals. Our courses range from foundation level to Advanced, giving you the knowledge, expertise and confidence to perform acupuncture on your patients.

  • Breeze Academy have provided CPD training in acupuncture for over 10 years.
  • Our Hamilton acupuncture course site is our most accessible site for anyone living in surrounding areas of Scotland such as Glasgow, Falkirk, Edinburgh and other areas further afield.
  • More career opportunities. Our CPD acupuncture courses have helped nurses, massage therapists, osteopaths and more.
  • Our acupuncture courses in Hamilton have helped more than 1,000 people become successful learners.
  • Acupuncture and dry needling courses for beginners and advanced learners.
2 courses

Acupuncture & Dry Needling Foundation Course

Skill level: BeginnerCPD hours: 3 days

An essential course for any healthcare professional looking to provide acupuncture for their clients.

Course bookings
8:30am - 4:30pm

7th-9th May 2021

£495.00 Core Physio, Hamilton Academical Football stadium at New Douglas Park, Hamilton

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Acupuncture Course for Dentists

Skill level: BeginnerCPD hours: 100 hours

An essential course for any dentist looking to provide acupuncture for their clients.

Course bookings
9:00am - 5:00pm

12th-13th Jun 2021

£550.00 Core Physio, Hamilton Academical Football Stadium

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In short, yes! We will continue to follow government guidelines on best practice when it comes to safety and social interactions, and ensure that we are in tandem with the host venue’s own PPE protocols.

All essential PPE is provided as part of the course fee.

Dr. Carl Clarkson is a Senior Fellow of the HEA, having over a decade of leading education at University, and has taught globally over four continents. He holds a PhD, and is an active researcher with several peer-reviewed publications. He has supervised over 20 MSc student projects, and has an ongoing commitment as a primary supervisor to his PhD students.

Dr. Clarkson, founder and chief enthusiast for Breeze academy, continues to be the inspiration and aspiration for those who wish to inspire and embolden humankind. All tutors who provide education for Breeze Academy are experts in their field, and must hold the same passion and enthusiasm for creating exceptional educational content.

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