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Breeze Academy offers both level 3 and level 4 sports massage courses in Plymouth. Our team of physiotherapy, sports therapy and education experts are dedicated to creating the very best sports massage therapists. Get in touch to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

In the UK, you must complete a level 3 sports massage qualification as a minimum to be able to practise sports massage. The most widely recognised sports massage courses outside of a degree are the Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy, and the Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy. Breeze Academy also offers an Accelerated Combined Level 3 & 4 Sports Massage Course for those living in Plymouth to help get your career off to a flying start. 

Learn more about how to become a sports massage therapist in our recent blog.

Breeze Academy are the only direct-to-level 4 Sports Massage trainer. The only people who can apply for our University Undergraduate Level 4 Sports Massage course are Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy students who have completed Year 1 of their degree study.

Our Level 3 Sports Massage Course takes 225 hours to complete, and is the minimum requirement for practising sports massage therapy in the UK. 

Our Level 4 Sports Massage Course can be completed in 128 hours. The course builds on skills and knowledge learned at level 3, and provides a more in-depth knowledge of a broader range of techniques, and injuries.

Where Level 3 training prepares you to use Sports Massage for pre and post sporting events, Level 4 training opens up your opportunities to provide Sports Massage as a treatment. Building upon your first year of degree study in Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy, you are presented with in-depth knowledge of a broader range of techniques and injuries than you would at Level 3.

You will be ready for injury management, being able to effectively assess clients, delving into the clinical reasoning aspect of Sports Massage, and how to effectively implement advanced sports massage techniques to aid the recovery of common soft tissue injuries.

By studying with Breeze Academy, students in Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation degrees are able to gain their sports massage qualification with a team of experts who are dedicated to creating the very best sports massage therapists.

Our Triple-Locked Quality Assurance

We proudly provide triple-locked quality assurance through our full YMCA accreditation, as well as Breeze Academy and external moderator approvals, thus allowing you to book with the confidence that our courses are vetted above and beyond the industry standard and meets the highest standards set in education.

Our Perfect Blend Between Online & Face To Face

Our courses are purposely built with the busy lifestyle in mind – which is why all theory learning occurs through our industry-leading online platform, meaning you can pause, rewind and replay as often as you like. And because the online content is delivered in small chunks, you can access your course whenever and wherever you like – which is perfect for those 5 and 10 minute windows of time.

All of this means that, unlike other courses, you don't have to give up countless weekends to become qualified, but still qualify feeling supremely safe, confident and effective. It also means that our courses are competitively priced.

Our Expert Tuition & Global Experience

Our expertise in the world of physiotherapy, sports therapy and education means we know exactly what makes a great sports massage therapist. In turn, we properly prepare course delegates for the clinical settings that they will soon find themselves in once they graduate.

Our tutors have built ultra-successful therapy businesses, gained degrees in physiotherapy and sports therapy, and established their research credentials through MSc and PhD study and subsequent peer-reviewed publications. We have an abundance of knowledge and experience to pass on to you, and ensure you complete the course head and shoulders above other newly qualified therapists.

Our Career Support & Guidance

As soon as you graduate, you will automatically gain access to hundreds of job opportunities, whilst also becoming a member of an international register and gaining your insurance. In addition, as part of the course, we also get you business ready through our bespoke lessons on setting up your own business and securing positions within the industry. Furthermore learners who sign up with us, will automatically get a 15% discount with one of the leading sports massage equipment providers, Physique.

Through YMCA accreditation, our University Undergraduate Level 4 Sports Massage course, specifically designed for Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy students is the only course in the UK that has been accredited to allow students to enrol directly onto a Level 4 course without previously having completed Level 3.

Further quality assurance is undertaken through Breeze Academy and an external moderator, meaning you can be fully reassured that our Level 4 Sports Massage course meets the highest academic standards.

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