Nicola Môn


Hello, my name is Nicola Môn and I qualified as a physiotherapist from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2014. It was in my first job as a PT that I witnessed both acupuncture and dry needling being used as a conjunct treatment in MSK private practice and sports rehab. Through mentoring / in-services I grew more intrigued about this topic and by 2015 I had sat my first course. My interest in the topic and especially in its role in sports injury and MSK rehabilitation kept developing.

Personally, I have been working within a private practice and elite sport settings for 8 years now. In 2019, I completed an MSc in sports and exercise medicine at Ulster University Jordanstown.

I have always loved to travel and my job has taken me many amazing places and hopefully many more to follow. The most recent of which was working as a physio with INEOS team UK for the 37th Americas Cup in NZ. However, I believe a true “sliding door” experience for me was the 2.5 years of my career in Bermuda working in a sport and orthopaedic clinic. This is where I was first introduced to Carl (and at the time Acuphys) who not only educated me further on acupuncture and dry needling but inspired me to keep growing and learning as a professional.

I am lucky to have been continuously mentored, encouraged and educated by many great physiotherapists, physicians and academics, all of whom have played a role in my personal and professional journey. This inspired me to teach and encourage others and to continue to push / challenge myself.

I now teach on the Breeze academy medical acupuncture and dry needling courses and I hope to help ignite the same passion and desire for learning in health professionals as this course and its teachers once did for me.

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