Do Webinars Count as CPD? What You Need to Know About Informal CPD

Breeze Academy October 15, 2021
Do Webinars Count as CPD

Medical professionals need to achieve a set number of continued professional development (CPD) points each year. But if you’re new to the world of CPD, you might be wondering what you can do to achieve CPD points, and maybe wondering about events such as webinars, seminars, and other professional talks.

So, do webinars count as CPD? Yes, online webinars and other talks, as well as in-person professional events count towards CPD points. The point of CPD is to maintain and expand your skills and knowledge to provide a better experience for your clients. CPD webinars do just that.

Read on to learn more about CPD webinars, what counts towards CPD points, and what happens if you don’t reach CPD requirements.

Do Webinars Count as CPD?

Webinars count as CPD as they are a great way to maintain and expand skills and knowledge in a given area. Conferences, seminars, and other professional in-person or online talks also count towards CPD.

What’s more, online activities, such as webinars, are a fantastic way of keeping up to date with industry guidelines and updates, as well as being an accessible option for those that can’t travel far or often for in-person events. Similarly, they are a great option for those that perhaps can’t afford the cost of more structured training - free events also count towards CPD.

Webinars, seminars, and conferences provide the opportunity to either maintain or update knowledge in an area that you are familiar with to keep up to date and ensure that you’re providing clients with the best level of service possible.

Alternatively, webinars, seminars, and conferences are a good way to dip your feet into a new area of knowledge or to get started with a new skill or intervention that you’d like to introduce to your clinic.

What Counts as CPD?

When it comes to healthcare CPD, informal learning situations can often be overlooked with healthcare professionals prioritising formal training sessions and courses. Below we have listed several examples of informal CPD activities that count towards CPD points.

Conferences, Webinars, and Seminars

As we’ve already discussed, online and in-person webinars, seminars and other professional talks count towards CPD as knowledge and skills are either maintained, updated, or learned as new.

Networking Events

Widening your professional network, and speaking with experts in your field helps to continue your professional development, therefore is counted towards CPD points. Just don’t forget to record it appropriately.

Trying or Learning New Skills At Work

Training and learning new skills don’t have to be done in a formal environment to be counted towards CPD. When you try a new skill for the first time, train someone, deliver a professional presentation, or mentor someone, record this appropriately as it can count towards CPD.

Volunteering and Work Experience

CPD points can also be gained from unpaid activities outside of the workplace, through volunteering and work experience, as long as it is relevant to your profession, and you are either maintaining or expanding your knowledge and skill base.

Self Study and Independent Research

Any time that you spend studying and learning something new can be considered as informal CPD, but it must be relevant to your field of work. You can’t choose to study something far removed from the scope of your profession. This can include reading updates and publications from professional bodies, and journals.

How Many CPD Points Do I Need?

Different healthcare professions require a different number of CPD points or hours each year. Below we have outlined some of the more common healthcare professions for reference.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Enough CPD Points?

Each professional body will handle incomplete CPD records differently, but a hearing may be called to determine the reason for incompletion, and an extension may be given in exceptional circumstances. Some professional bodies may revoke memberships and licenses if CPD is continually ignored and left incomplete.

If you are unsure about the CPD requirements for your profession, or you are concerned that you will not be able to complete CPD requirements for the current period, speak with your professional body. They may allow an extension, or provide a resolution to any problems you may have.

How Long Are CPD Points Valid?

The validity of CPD points differs between each professional body, but many range from 1 year to 3 years, and up to 5 years in some cases. It depends on the time that each professional body gives members to accumulate points, which will reset after each period ends.

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