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We humans have an enduring feature: our thirst for knowledge. Stories, exploration, adventure, scientific study, art – we seek out these experiences, at least in some part, to understand ourselves and the world around us. Our inspirations and aspirations are what drive our species forward; success and failure earn us paralleled benefits, so long as we harness the learning from each event.

Over a decade ago, I had a simple but ambitious vision – become the inspiration for those who wish to embolden humankind. My career began in 2004 as a Physiotherapist, where a passion for helping people was complimented with my dedication to improving my knowledge base. In 2009, I was able to combine these attributes to form Acuphys, an education platform which delivered acupuncture training to healthcare professionals. This was when I realised that education was where my future lay.

By listening carefully to course delegates, I was able to refine and evolve the learning experiences I offered, which enabled me to move into higher education to inspire hundreds of budding physiotherapists. As I progressed to Senior Lecturer and then Progamme Lead, Acuphys moved from a national acupuncture training provider to a globally orientated education hub. It still had its primary focus on acupuncture, but the reputation of excellent learning experiences meant Acuphys started to provide non-needling training, by bringing in experts of specialist subjects.

And so, Breeze Academy is the next evolutionary stage, offering three hubs of activity; acupuncture & dry needling, professional development, and tutor coaching. The learner of today values accessibility and expertise, with the flexibility to choose how and where to access their training: Breeze Academy will excel in this, through purely online courses AND online / face to face hybrid teaching. We are now able to expand into diverse exceptional education experiences across the globe, keeping exceptional quality education as priority number 1. When you join one of our education programmes, your learning and understanding is our focus. And when you enrol onto one of our many courses, you will know that learner feedback has, and will always, inform its content and curation.

Where are we headed?

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You are our priority

My personal journey has traversed through successes and failures; a PhD completion, several scientific publications, a globally-orientated training business, a Senior Fellow of the HEA. These are all products of innumerable experiences and interactions, and the conscious and subconscious learning I have taken from them is the reason why our training events have been consistently rated exceptional. Therefore.....

We will continue to pioneer education. We will continue to seek out innumerable experiences. And we will continue to embrace failure as an invaluable learning opportunity. These aspirations, alongside our wealth of expertise in education, ensure that you will relish our exceptional training events, wherever you are in the world.

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