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We’ve developed a range of strength and conditioning courses for healthcare professionals looking to safely and effectively apply the principles of exercise prescription in order to enhance the physical capabilities of their patients.

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Strength, Conditioning & Exercise Prescription - Fundamentals For Therapists

Skill level: IntermediateCPD hours: 100 hours

An essential course for any healthcare professional looking to implement Strength and Conditioning principles to effectively test, evaluate and provide individually-tailored exercise in order to enhance physical capabilities.

Course bookings
17th Nov 2023 (8:45 AM - 5:00 PM)

Newcastle, UK

£299.00Breeze Academy HQ, Newcastle, NE29 6, UK

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Frequently asked questions

Exercise prescription provides a planned and structured programme of exercises, aiming to improve or maintain, one or more components of physical fitness, based upon a thorough assessment of a patient and their needs.

Just like medicine, exercise needs to be accurately prescribed. If the dose or the type medicine is not correct, then this does not help a patient. It is the same with exercise, it needs to be the correct type, with the correct dose, and tailored for the patient.

Yes. All physiotherapists can prescribe exercise. It is a very important aspect of physiotherapy. Exercise has a plethora of benefits, which can be gained across the lifespan. Exercise not only has short term but also long-term benefits. Because of these reasons, exercise prescription is a mainstay of physiotherapy practice, across all areas.

Yes. A prescription should make it clear to any patient what they need to take, how much, how often, and when. The aims of the prescription should also be explained. Exercise is no different.

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