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How Often Should You Get A Sports Massage?

Breeze Academy October 26, 2022
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Sports Massage comes with many benefits including stress relief, reduced recovery time and boosted performance during exercise and sporting events. In this blog we discuss how often you should get a Sports Massage to receive the full benefits. 

So how often should you get a Sports Massage? The recommended number of Sports Massage sessions is 2-4 per month, varying depending on your current needs, schedule and budget. You may not feel the effects straight away, however with continued sessions the benefits can maximise your performance during exercise or sports.

Read on to find out more about how long you should wait in between Sports Massages and their benefits.

Should You Get Regular Sports Massages?

It is recommended that you have regular appointments to really feel the benefits of Sports Massage, especially if you exercise more than once a week. This includes any strenuous exercise such as a gym session, running or a sport. The frequency can vary depending on several factors including any pre-existing medical conditions, how often you exercise, the type of exercise you are doing, whether you have any injuries and your available time and budget. However, the standard is weekly or at least twice-monthly

You should be able to notice warning signs that you require a Sports Massage if you don’t already have regular sessions. These signs can include:

  • Feeling achy or stiff
  • A general feeling of stress or anxiety which could be causing tension or headaches
  • A recent injury is causing discomfort
  • Feeling limited in your performance during exercise or sports

There are other massage techniques available that may be more suitable for your needs so we recommend describing your symptoms to your Massage Therapist before the session so they can match the treatment to you. Breeze Academy has an array of blogs on the different types of treatment available including Acupuncture, Yoga and Deep Tissue Massage so you can become more comfortable before you book your next session.

What Are the Benefits of Sports Massages?

There are many benefits of Sports Massages that aren’t limited to improving performance in sport or exercise. These include:

Reduced Stress

Whether you regularly participate in exercise or sports, you will likely build up stress from daily activities such as work or driving. Sports Massage is a great way to reduce this stress and help you relax. Massage encourages relaxation by affecting the part of the brain that regulates emotion and reduces depression, anxiety and heart rate. 

Stress can have an impact on your appetite, however Sports Massage has been shown to reduce appetite in some individuals. It can also improve the quality of your sleep, which in turn should reduce the impact of stress on your body. You should also feel more relaxed during the day due to feeling more well rested and the endorphins that Massages release. 

Injury Prevention and Recovery

With exercise and sports, there is a high likelihood that injuries will inevitably occur due to their nature. To support your body in preventing and recovering from injuries, regular massages are recommended and may even require a higher frequency to reduce recovery times. Sports Massage guides any growing new tissue after an injury ensuring your body heals correctly and as quickly as possible.   

Alleviated Symptoms

Some pre-existing l conditions can cause discomfort or pain, which can often be made worse by participating in exercise or sports. Sports Massage can help to alleviate these symptoms by helping your body relax, removing waste products and encouraging tissue repair. 

Improved Circulation

As Sports Massage relaxes your muscles, this increases your blood supply allowing important nutrients to provide the energy needed to complete daily tasks, including exercise and sport. A Massage also removes unwanted build up of lactic acid and other waste products. 

Improved Performance

The major reason why you may choose a Sports Massage over other types of treatment is to boost your performance while exercising or participating in sports. Regular sports activities commonly result in soreness, which may prevent you from reaching maximum performance due to the pain or not wanting to push your body past its limit. Lots of strenuous exercise can also limit your flexibility as muscles become sore or tight which can then lead to injury. 

You may choose to increase the frequency of your Sports Massages when you experience soreness so you can perform to the best of your ability. Our in depth blog goes into more detail about how Sports Massage can affect your performance including specific activities, check it out here

How Long Does it Take for A Sports Massage to Work?

It can take up to 48 hours to feel the effects of a Sports Massage and for any aching to subside. You may experience soreness in your muscles after your first session as the Massage Therapist will work just below your pain threshold to get the best possible results. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids after your session as you may feel dehydrated due to the manipulation of the muscles. Drinking water can also help alleviate any aches and pains caused by the release of toxins. 

The benefits of a Sports Massage can vary depending on the purpose and time you have them. For example, a Sports Massage 15-45 minutes before exercise or sports stimulates the muscles, focusing on areas that will be used more during your session. A post exercise or sports event massage should be within 2 hours of finishing as it allows the tissues to normalise and relax. 

Final Thoughts

Sports Massage has a number of benefits for individuals who regularly exercise, participate in sports or have general stresses and aches from daily activities. Some people may require more sessions than others due to injury, big sports events or pre-existing health conditions, however the recommended amount is once every week or twice monthly. 

If you are a Massage Therapist or Physiotherapist, you can offer Sports Massage in your practice once you have completed a CPD course. At Breeze Academy, we offer courses for anyone looking to expand their offerings including Sports Massage, Acupuncture & Dry Needling and Yoga. For more information about the different types of treatment and how they can help you or your patients, check out our blogs

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