Is CPD Equivalent to NVQ Qualification?

Breeze Academy October 20, 2021
Is CPD Equivalent to NVQ Qualification

With all of the many qualifications and accreditations available to help us become more qualified, some are equal and share similarities in course content and so on. But, is CPD equivalent to an NVQ qualification? CPD cannot be compared to other qualifications like NVQs.

Unlike other qualifications, which require you to study for hours across multiple learning modules, CPD is an accredited training course that is scored against the number of hours you spend performing a specific learning activity.

So, if they are not equivalent, what are the distinctions between the two, and where may each qualification take you?

Is CPD Equivalent to NVQ Qualification?

CPD cannot be equated to a qualification such as an NVQ because of the differences in the learning style. During CPD training, you can complete a number of training hours completing various learning activities on the topic of your choice. An NVQ, on the other hand, is a course with pre-determined content and modules that you can study.

CPD is a recognised qualification that confirms your learning has met the necessary Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. Whereas an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a vocational qualification based on national occupational standards.

We realise the significance of qualifications and accreditations in understanding what you need to do to improve your skills or education, so we have laid out the precise differences for you to better understand.


CPD is a learning development activity after formal education that allows organisations and employees to recall acquired skills, train in specialised subjects, and broaden their abilities and knowledge.

The training is defined by the number of hours spent on specific activities. Below are a couple of examples of activities you may undertake during your CPD training.

  • E-learning programs
  • Training workshops
  • Conferences
  • Events

CPD is recognised as accreditation, therefore your accomplishments will be noticed by prospective employers. If you are wanting to complete a CPD training course, there are several organisations that are CPD certified with whom you may carry out your training and receive a certificate of learning.


An NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a vocational qualification based on national occupational standards. These standards explain what is expected of you in the occupation in which you are training.

NVQs educate individuals on job fundamentals such as current best practices, the ability to adapt to future demands, and performance knowledge and comprehension. Below we have listed types of NVQ courses you may decide to complete

  • Business and Management
  • Healthcare
  • Creative Arts
  • Construction

Since the qualification does not have to be finished by a specific date, NVQs can be completed by full-time employees as well as school and college students with a work placement or part-time job that allows them to build the necessary abilities.

What To Do After CPD Training

What happens once you've completed all of the hard work and obtained your CPD qualification?

Well, CPD is great for professional development. It can help you advance in your current job, or it can help you branch out into a completely different industry if you choose the correct type for your needs.

There are various different types of CPD courses that you can choose from depending on the path you intend to follow. Below we have mentioned a couple of routes that healthcare professionals can go with CPD training.

Do Universities Accept CPD Certificates?

CPD is not accepted as an admission certificate when applying to universities. This means that when you apply for university through UCAS, the points you earn through CPD will not grant you admission.

However, commitment to learning, demonstrated by CPD, will put you in good favour if you wish to stand out from your peers when applying to university. It not only provides tangible evidence of your abilities and expertise but also demonstrates your dedication to professional development both inside and outside of the workplace.

On the other hand, universities can, and are, becoming CPD accredited providers, so if CPD is something you are interested in during or following university you can discuss it more with your preferred university.

Below are some examples of CPD accreditation that may be involved in a university context

  • CPD Seminars
  • E-Learning Modules
  • Educational events

CPD at Breeze Academy

CPD has never been more important for development. It not only allows you to redefine those skills, but it also allows you to explore new avenues.

Many people believe that CPD is only for healthcare professionals who want to improve their medical skills, but it is becoming increasingly popular in other industries as well.

With Breeze Academy, you can complete your CPD training course in three simple steps.

  • Find a course
  • Learn online or in-person
  • Get your certificate

If you're interested in getting started with CPD and want to learn more about what Breeze Academy has to offer, please contact us and we'll be pleased to point you in the right direction. Contact us

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