ONLINE CPD: Acupuncture & Dry Needling in Women's Health

Skill level: IntermediateCPD hours: 10 hours

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Delivered by Dr. Carl Clarkson, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and whose PhD and subsequent research has had a particular focus upon Women's Health, this specialist online acupuncture and dry needling course is a masterclass in the application of acupuncture and dry needling for the treatment of pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP), hot flushes, overactive bladder, dyspareunia, nausea and vomiting, as well as needling safety in pregnancy.

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You will need to be a regulated healthcare professional who has completed foundation training in acupuncture and dry needling*. Yet to complete your foundation training? We have upcoming courses in every major city in the UK. Find your nearest foundation course here.

*Please note applicants who have completed a non-Breeze Academy course, should check their eligibility with us at [email protected].

This acupuncture and dry needling CPD course begins by re-visiting learning undertaken in your foundation course – most notably, contraindications and precautions, as well as adverse events.

Having re-established these fundamentals,  you’ll then discover the large body of prominent, pertinent, and up-to-date evidence supporting the use of acupuncture in Women’s Health, whilst at the same time developing your needling skills so that you can provide dramatic results for your clients, offering them the complete package of pain relief and wellbeing.

With theoretical knowledge and application reviewed from both a Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, this course takes you through a number of applications and techniques, allowing you to confidently and safely apply acupuncture and dry needling for Women's Health, including for the treatment of:

  • Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP)
  • Hot flushes
  • Overactive bladder
  • Dyspareunia
  • Nausea and vomiting

This specialist online acupuncture and dry needling course is a masterclass in the application of acupuncture and dry needling for the treatment of pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP), hot flushes, overactive bladder, dyspareunia, nausea and vomiting, as well as needling safety in pregnancy.

It would be of huge benefit to healthcare professionals who have already taken a foundation course in acupuncture but are now looking to offer more to their clients through an advanced understanding of how acupuncture can be used in the treatment of certain Women's Health conditions.

We deliver medical acupuncture and dry needling courses across the globe, and have courses running in every major city in the UK. We are triple-locked quality assured, meaning you can be confident that we offer the very best in education.

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Our Fully Evidence-Based Approach

We combine the latest research with practical, clinically relevant teaching to ensure you receive a fully evidence-based approach to the implementation of acupuncture and dry needling. All of our courses have clinical reasoning at the heart of delivery, making sure that you’re able to make fully informed decisions on how and when to introduce acupuncture and dry needling into a client’s care package. 

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We’re passionate about acupuncture and dry needling, and passionate about delivering exceptional educational experiences. Reflecting this, our online acupuncture and dry needling CPD courses are consistently rated five-stars and have fantastic reviews

*Access to online content available until 1 month after the face-to-face element of the course. 

At the end of each chapter, you will be able to test your knowledge in our multi-choice quizzes in a fun and engaging manner. We include case studies that require you to draw upon your learning, challenging you to engage with clinical reasoning that would be reflected in your own clinical practice.

We’re with you every step of the way. As soon as you book, you’ll gain access to our online portal, meaning you can start learning immediately. In addition, our team of tutors and learner support team are easily accessible, and happy to help in any way we can.

If you've checked over the course information but still have some questions, please get in touch via our contact form or on [email protected] (we respond to all queries, usually within the hour).

Meet your tutor

Dr. Carl Clarkson

Dr. Carl Clarkson

  • PhD, Acupuncture and Women’s Health, Northumbria University
  • MSc, Acupuncture, Coventry University
  • PGCE, Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching, Teeside University
  • BSc, Physiotherapy, Northumbria University
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, HEA
Over a decade ago, I had an ambitious vision – create exceptional learning experiences for healthcare professionals. My career began in 2004 as a Physiotherapist, where a passion for helping people was...
More about Carl


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