Does Acupuncture Work for the Immune System?

Breeze Academy November 3, 2022
Acupuncture to a mans shoulder

Acupuncture has an array of benefits for the body including but not limited to helping the body relax, relieving the symptoms of many conditions. In this blog, Breeze Academy discusses how each of these benefits also extend to boosting the body’s immune system.

So does Acupuncture work for the immune system? Acupuncture can boost the immune system by releasing and reducing stress, targeting specific points on the body which ease flu-like symptoms and by relieving pain and headaches. When combined with a nutritional diet, low stress levels and reduced exposure to disease, it can greatly impact the body’s immunity.

Read on to find out more about how Acupuncture can affect your immune system.

Does Acupuncture Improve the Body’s Immune System?

There are several reasons why you may wish to improve your immune system, whether it's the time of year or a pre-existing medical condition that may make you more susceptible to catching something. Common signs of a poor immune system include a constant feeling of fatigue, frequent illness throughout the year, digestive problems and injuries that heal slower than normal. Some practitioners believe acupuncture for the immune system can increase your body’s defense against infections. 

When delivered by a properly trained individual, Acupuncture is a generally safe method of improving the body’s immune system, with the risk of side effects being low and minor. Acupuncture for immunity could help to reduce and relieve stress and tension in the body, which could improve the immune system’s ability to fight off disease or infection, with the more obvious benefit of less mental and physical strain on the body. This treatment is considered helpful,  as theoretically it targets the root of the problem rather than being the final solution

However, you should not solely rely on Acupuncture for immunity, as there are other factors that play a major role in the immune system. Managing your general health is the most important step before even considering Acupuncture for the immune system. Following a healthy and nutritional diet, keeping stress levels low and reducing your exposure to disease can all greatly impact your body’s immunity. 

What Are the Acupuncture Points to Boost Immunity?

There are different points on the body which impact the immune system, which professionally trained Acupuncture Practitioners can find and treat properly. These points include:


This pressure point is one of the most well known as it has a wide range of applications and effects. Also known as ‘the point of the hundred illnesses’ the Zusanli point is located just below the kneecap, between the bones of your lower leg. The Zusanli point is sensitive and acts as a calming point to release stress and tension in your leg. In turn, this boosts your immune system to help your body fight off any infections and provides extra energy due to the body’s relaxed state. 


The Quchi Acupuncture point for the immune system is ideal for fighting against allergy related illness such as hay fever as well as preventing cold and influenza. As it is located at the end of your elbow crease, it is linked to the meridian line. Meridians are pathways throughout the body which allows vital energy to correctly flow and maintain healthy functions. 


Located on the hand between the thumb and index finger, the Hegu pressure point can provide a major strength boost to the immune system, especially where cold and flu-like symptoms are concerned. It is also great for relieving headaches and pain, with the follow on effect of feeling more relaxed and less stressed. 


A common Acupuncture point for relieving local pain and inflammation in the head and neck, preventing cold and influenza. It can be found on the arm between the 2 tendons, below the wrist bone. Using Acupuncture on this point helps to release invading pathogens from the body, preventing cold symptoms. 

These pressure points are the most common for improving the immune system, they are part of a system called ‘The Heavenly Star Points’ which consists of 12 Acupuncture points in the body. They are all effective at treating different conditions and boosting the immune system and your Acupuncture Practitioner will be an expert in finding and treating these areas. 

What Related Treatments Can Help the Immune System?

There are other treatments available which can provide additional boosts to your immune system so you may wish to combine these to gain the best possible results. Talking to your Health Practitioner before a session is a great way to ensure you are receiving the best and safest course of treatment for your requirements. Other treatments can include:


Regular Massage Therapy sessions help to flush out toxins, increasing the flow of blood in the body and providing a boost to the immune system. It also relaxes your muscles and releases any tension caused by daily activities and stresses. The activity of your white blood cells is increased by Massage Therapy which is another helpful step in fighting infections. You should continue to attend sessions when you feel fit and healthy to target the root of the cause, similar to Acupuncture. The two interventions can even be used together to create powerful effects, you can find out more about this in our recent blog

At Breeze Academy, we offer CPD training courses in Sports Massage for any Healthcare Professional looking to expand their offerings or gain more skills.   

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is very similar to Acupuncture, with the main difference being the pressure used. Acupuncture is used to direct energy whereas Dry Needling is used to release tight muscles. As it releases trigger points, Dry Needling elicits a twitch, which some researchers believe to activate your immune system which helps heal and decrease pain. 

Check out our Dry Needling CPD courses if you are a Healthcare Professional looking to add Dry Needling to your practice’s offerings. 


There are many different yoga poses which can strengthen your immune system as it releases stress. Stretching the body releases energy within its cells, and in traditional  yoga theory, it allows any harmful toxins to exit your body. These poses include the sphinx post, revolved chair pose and standing backbend. Your Yoga trainer will be able to advise on how to properly execute these positions for optimum results when you attend sessions. 

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Final Thoughts

Amongst other benefits, attending regular Acupuncture sessions could have a positive effect on your immune system. It is equally important to maintain a nutritional diet and reduce your daily stress levels where possible. The main trigger points targeted during Acupuncture for immunity come with additional advantages including relieving headaches and fighting symptoms of common illnesses. 

For Healthcare Professionals who want to practice Acupuncture for the immune system, we have a range of CPD courses available which cover all essential aspects of Acupuncture and Dry Needling including where the trigger points are located and how to properly insert needles. At Breeze Academy, we also offer CPD courses in Sports Massage Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training so you can receive the full package of training.

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