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How Long Do The Effects of Sports Massage Last?

Breeze Academy September 24, 2023
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Sports massage is an effective treatment for clients who regularly partake in exercise, helping them maximise their performance and reduce pain. In this blog, we discuss the many benefits of sports massage, potential side effects and how long they are expected to last for. So how long do the effects of sports massage last?

The effects of sports massage are expected to last anywhere from a few days to a month. With frequent sessions, these effects can last longer, meaning clients don’t have to spend as much time recovering from injuries or pain. The potential side effects should reasonably disappear within a few days, especially for regular clients. 

Read on to find out more about the expected effects of sports massage and how long they last for.

How Long Will You Feel the Effects of Sports Massage?

The effects of sports massage can last anywhere from a few days to a month. Continued sessions are strongly recommended to really maximise sports and workout performance, as well as speeding up recovery time and reducing mental health problems. Most of the potential side effects should disappear after a few days with proper rest, hydration and sleep. 

What Are the Expected Effects of Sports Massage?

There are many benefits to sports massage which, with regular sessions, can last for up to a month. 

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Stress is very common with individuals who regularly workout and take part in sporting activities. Sports massage forces the muscles to relax due to the amount of pressure applied and stimulation of the part of the brain that regulates emotions. 

Clients can also benefit from a better night’s sleep after attending sessions which in turn can help the body recover better from stress and anxiety. During the day, clients will feel better rested and the release of endorphins throughout the day. 

Enhanced Performance

For clients looking to push their sports or workout performance to the next level, sports massage can relax the muscles enough for quicker recovery. This means that further exercise is not limited by pain or soreness. Any injuries that are gained during workouts or sports activities can be soothed by sports massage. The rate of recovery is sped up significantly and further injury can be prevented by allowing the body to properly relax in between activities. 

We have a detailed blog discussing the effect sports massage has on performance if you would like to learn more on this topic. 

Reduced Pain

Any client that suffers from chronic pain or a recent injury can benefit from sports massage. As mentioned above, the rate of recovery for injury is increased but even a fresh injury can be improved in a session. This means the next time your client works out, they are not pushing themselves to the limit and causing further injury.

For more information on the benefits of sports massage, check out our blog on what happens to the body after a sports massage.

How Often Should You Get A Sports Massage?

It is recommended to book client’s sports massage sessions 2-4 times per month to really help them feel the positive effects. Although the effects may not be felt after the first few sessions, continuous sessions can maximise their sports performance and recovery. For individuals with medical conditions or chronic pain, more frequent sessions may be required for them to really benefit from the effects. Ask your clients to keep an eye out for the common warning signs of needing a sports massage including:

  • Feeling achy or stiff
  • Stress and anxiety which may cause tension headaches
  • Recently suffered from an injury
  • Wanting to push their workouts or sports activities to the next level

Find out more about how often clients should get a sports massage in our in depth blog. 

What Are the Side Effects of Sports Massage?

As mentioned above, there are many positive effects to regular sports massage. However there are also some side effects that your clients should be aware of so they can properly prepare themselves for recovery. 

Although overall pain is reduced by recurring sports massage sessions, it is very common for clients to feel sore afterwards. This is especially common after a clients first session as muscles are manipulated in new ways during the session. Flu- like symptoms are another common side effect after a sports massage along with fatigue. These effects should only last for a few days and can present as headaches, nausea or pain. 

Sports massage has a very lot chance of causing damage to the body, however massage therapists must be aware of the contraindications including:

  • Those with a history of blood clots, or a clotting disorder
  • Those with increased risk of injury, such as bone fractures
  • Those with nerve injuries
  • Elderly people
  • Those that have recently had surgery or chemotherapy
  • Those with skin conditions or wounds
  • Those with a hernia

A few other conditions to be aware of before booking your client’s next appointment is:

  • Ensure they don’t have a contagious disease to protect yourself
  • Ensure they don’t have a fever as this could worsen the infection
  • Ensure they are not pregnant as this could cause damage to the mother or baby
  • Only massage an individual with a pre existing medical condition if you are trained in the particularities of the condition

For more information on the contraindications of sports massage, check out our recent blog.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits that sports massage can provide for individuals frequently working out or taking part in sports activities. Pain relief, faster recovery and reduced stress and anxiety are common and they can last for a few days up to a month. Continued sessions can significantly increase the time these effects last for clients. 

To provide the best experience for your clients, we have a range of Sports Massage Training courses available so you can level up your services. These courses are curated and delivered by expert clinicians, providing you with everything you need to safely and effectively provide high quality sports massages. If you’re completely new to massage, take a look at our level 3 course. For those more experienced, our level 4 course may be more suitable.

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